The Art of the Carpark


We know, we know. Traffic’s shocking, isn’t it?

I mean, isn’t it crazy that you’d have to drive for 20-30 minutes in super-slow bumper to bumper traffic just to get to one of the most amazing beaches in the world?

Sorry, there’s some sarcasm in that - but honestly, we do understand that it can take a while to even get close to Main Beach in the Summer. At least your car probably has aircon. 

Here’s a few tips that might help you skip the traffic and get onto the beach just a bit quicker. 

Tip 1. Go early - super early!

In the middle of Summer the sun rises as early as 4:46am. By 5:00am the carparks will be filling up with keen swimmers, paddlers and surfers (if there’s waves). By 6:00am it’s traffic time. 

So here’s the pitch. If you want to get a park on or around the Hastings St precinct, get down there by 5:30am. 

You’ll actually be blown away by the beauty of the beach at this time of the morning.

If the early rise isn’t your thing then maybe try out Tip #2. 

Tip 2. Bus from the Junction. 

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to head over the hill into the Junction. So why not find a park, grab a coffee, beer, wine, smoothie or acai bowl, then jump on a bus. They run all summer long and they’re free. 

That’s not a bad deal! It will still take some time for the bus to make it down to Hastings St, but at least you won’t have to battle for a carpark. 

“But I’m not a bus person” I hear you say. Well, try Tip 3. 

Tip 3. Uber or Taxi. 

There’s plenty of Ubers and Taxis available around town. But again, they’re still going to take a while to make it down the hill, because there’s only two roads in and two roads out. 

So honestly, there’s really only one tip that we can give you that will probably make your overall journey faster - walk. 

Tip 4. Park and walk. 

There’s some great tracks that skirt the edge and even wind through the National Park. They all lead to areas that aren’t Hastings St and are more likely to have a place to park your car. These tracks are some of the most underrated walks around town. They’re beautiful and they get you onto Main Beach faster than any car will at this time of year.  

If none of these first four tips are good enough, here’s our final offering. 

Tip 5. Hire a scooter. 

Yep, go Indo style and hire yourself a scooter.

Two wheels are easier to park that four. You’ll still have to wait in line as you ride over the hill or along the Sound, but the parking to scooter owner ratio is much better than the parking to car owner ratio. 

It’s a numbers game. 

If you’re staying in our Belli St, Racquet Retreat or Witta Circle properties then its just a short walk for you.

Good luck out there! Our little town is busy. Stay calm. Stay happy. Stay safe. 

Remember that you’re in Paradise.