Noosa Luxury Romantic Accommodation for Couples That Comes Straight Out of a Movie

Deciding where you could go for a romantic getaway with your significant other has never been easier. Our Noosa luxury accommodation for couples is the ideal romantic spot both you and your loved one will undeniably love and enjoy.

Noosa Secret Destinations will provide you with the highest standards of exclusivity when it comes to your accommodation. We pride ourselves on delivering holiday properties that do not disappoint, working closely with the owners to ensure you have the best holiday experience. Noosa gives you the best it has to offer when it comes to romantic walks on the beach, stunning scenic views and open-air restaurants for the perfect night out on the town.


Our Noosa Couples Accommodation Comes With Many Fun Activities

Noosa has much to offer when it comes to the romantic activities you can spoil your loved one with, without the need to break the bank. Noosa luxury accommodation for couples will give you the privacy you need and the opportunity to do exciting things when it’s time to get outside. A few of these activities include:

  • Watch the sunrise from the beach – Who doesn’t want to watch the sunrise with the waves crashing in front of you all while cuddled up next to the person you love most.

  • Romantic Restaurants – Noosa has an array of different romantic open-air restaurants for that perfect date night, with stargazing or an amazing beachfront view.

  • Stargazing – Just grab a blanket and take it all in.

  • A picnic in the National Park – This area is perfect for a romantic picnic with just the two of you with wine and your favourite snacks to entice the senses.

  • Take a hike – The Noosa National Park offers five different trails where you can play ‘spot the Koala’ and see how many of these adorable creatures you notice on your walk.

  • Window Shop on Hastings Street: A walk on this gorgeous main street of Noosa will reveal plenty of restaurants, live music during the afternoon and stores aplenty. Why not also enjoy an ice cream or a smoothie?

  • Gondolas of Noosa

The list is endless, so you will never run out of options. Our Noosa romantic accommodation can be whatever you want it to be, from beachfront to luxurious mansions, you tell us what you desire, and we will do everything we can to deliver.


Our Luxury Properties Will Leave You Speechless

Noosa couples accommodation comes highly recommended by our previous clients. We take care of your home as if it were our own, we greet and see off all our guests personally, and we maintain, clean and ensure no damages to your home before you return.

If you have any queries or want to book your dream holiday, contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. Getting away with your one true love is vital for any enduring relationship. Go on holiday for your anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or just because you are feeling romantic. No matter what the occasion, Noosa is always the perfect escape.

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