Four Lesser Known Gems Around Noosa National Park


It’s far from our best kept secret, but it’s still more than worthy of a mention as one of the best places to explore in Noosa. 

The breathtaking Noosa National Park seems to be the perfect mix of adventure, action, exercise and relaxation.

We’ve been spending more and more time exploring the different areas of the national park so we could share with you some of its lesser known secrets. 

1. The Tanglewood Track

Sure, the coastal track is a stunner. You’ll be blown away by Boiling Pot, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, Hell’s Gates and the amazing view over Alexandria Bay. You’ll also be walking with the crowds of surfers and fellow explorers, so it may seem a bit hectic. 

If you can pull yourself away from the ocean views, you can also escape the chaos and step into a secluded greenery wonderland.

Here’s the secret. 

When you reach Hell’s Gates and take a look over A-Bay, follow the signs onto the Tanglewood Track. It will take you into the green depths of the National Park, revealing a totally different look at what this amazing area is. 

2. Paradise Cove: 

Hidden away on the Sunshine Beach end of the coastal walking track is a little hidden paradise like cover called... Paradise Cove. 

If you go to all the effort of making the 10km walk from Noosa to Sunshine Beach (or vise versa), then a short detour off the main track is well worth it. 

A great spot to climb around the rocks and hidden beaches. On a calm day you can even take a dip. But be warned, this is an unpatrolled area with limited mobile phone coverage. Enter and play at your own risk. Stay safe. 

3. The Fairy Pools: 

Ok, ok! It’s Instagram photo time. You could get the shot in so many places, but we know you want that one of you in the Fairy Pools. 

To get here you’ll need to do some climbing and scaling of the rocks at the Hell’s Gates end of Granite Bay. 

A word of warning once again, this area is unpatrolled and can get fairly dangerous if the swell is big or you’re not used to climbing. Climb down at your own risk and take care. 

4. Little Cove:

Only a short 5 minute stroll along the boardwalk from Main Beach, Little Cove is one of those spots that sometimes feels like a secret, even though everyone knows about it. 

Perhaps it’s the extra few steps you’ll need to take to get there; or the lack of close parking, but this secluded (for Noosa) little stretch of sand is a great spot and is high on our list of must-visit list. 

It’s a great place to take the family for the day as it’s often sheltered from waves and wind. 

If you are kid free during your stay then it could be the perfect place to set up a picnic for the afternoon and watch the sunset over the Noosa North Shore.

And there you have it. A few of the lesser known secrets of the Noosa National Park. Tick these off and you’ll have had a great holiday. 

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Image: @AimeeDodgePhotography