Walk, Swim, Surf & Relax


Coastal Track from Main Beach to Hell’s Gates return. Approx. 10.5km

Tanglewood Track from Hell’s Gates to National Park Carpark. 

Approx. 8km

Palm Grove Track from Noosa National Park Carpark return. 

Approx. 1.1km

Noosa Hill Track from National Park Carpark return. 

Approx. 2.8km


Main Beach

Voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Protected from most of the big swells. Perfect for the little kiddies and bigger kids alike. 

Swim between the flags.  

Little Cove

You’ll be blown away by the beauty of Little Cove. Most of the time its calm and secluded. No flags means swim with great caution.

Tea Tree Bay

Watch the longboards racing towards you. 

Granite Bay Beach

Totally unpatrolled and quite secluded. Granite catches bigger waves than the three previous mentioned spots, so please swim with caution. 

Alexandria Bay 

We could label this the ‘freedom beach’, if you know what we mean. If you’re not keen on seeing the human body in all of its glory then perhaps keep walking to....

Sunshine Beach

Patrolled in front of the Surf Club. Unprotected from the swells. Great body surfing. 

Sunrise Beach

Patrolled during school holidays and summer, this is very much an extension of Sunshine Beach.


First Point 

Right hand point break located between Main Beach and Little Cove. 

National Park 

Right hander with multiple sections between Little Cove and National Park Carpark.

Boiling Pot

Right hand point break between National Park and Tea Tree Bay. 

Tea Tree Bay

Right hand point break just past Boiling Pot. 

Granite Bay

Choose from a right hand point break or an occasional shorey on the inside.  


Beachies, banks, points. Take your pick. 

The Groin

A nice little right with a selections of shories scattered down to the River Mouth.

The River Mouth

Breaks vary. 

Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park  Image: @AimeeDodgePhotography

Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park Image: @AimeeDodgePhotography


Main Beach

Hire a day lounge or roll out the towel. Just don’t fall asleep for too long or you’ll be that person - you know, the one who is as red as a lobster.

Little Cove

Great spot for a bake and a swim, when there’s sand. Head down at lower tides or you might end up sitting on the rocks. 

Tea Tree Bay

Take a hammock around and set up a picnic in the trees. It’s like something out of a movie. 

Alexandria Bay

As mentioned, clothes may be optional. But if that’s your thing, then hey, this is the perfect spot. 

Granite Bay

Its a longer walk, but the Granite Beach is a very quiet, relaxing spot to roll out your towel and catch some rays. 

The sand shifts around a lot, so maybe check the tides are low before you make the walk.  

Noosa Woods

If you prefer to sit on the grass in some shade, then Noosa Woods could be your spot. 

Noosa Spit / Dog Beach

At the end of the Noosa Woods you’ll find an area near the River Mouth that is totally protected from the swell. This can be a great spot to set up and watch the sunset, especially if you’re travelling with a pooch.