Sum Yung Guys

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Sum Yung Guys

Every now and then the bar is raised. Someone comes along and pushes the standard way up, to deliver a result that’s like a breath of fresh winter Noosa air. 

Enter - Sum Yung Guys. 

This gem is nestled in the often sleepy Sunshine Beach Village. But don’t let that fool you. SYG is anything but sleepy. 

The minute you walk through the front door you’ll feel the energy and enthusiasm that resonates through every aspect of the restaurant. From the friendly and professional staff who’ll greet you, to the carefully designed dining area that has been styled to capture the personalities of the four partners who started it all.  Everything seems right.

Take a seat and prepare yourself for an onslaught of delicious flavours, mind-blowing textures, outstanding service and an excellent list of cocktails. 

The menu has been designed to promote share-style dining, which means that it’s “strongly encouraged to dine with friends, family and beyond”. 

A quick glance and you’ll realise that this is going to be an experience more than just another meal.  

You’ll start seeing words like “Hiramasa King Fish”, “Massaman Lamb Curry” and “Shaved Wagyu Sirloin”. Is your mouth watering yet?

The recommendation is to choose a couple of dishes from each section of the menu; small, medium and large.

It can be a little hard to gauge how much you’ll need to order, but just ask the wait staff. Or you can order more as the night goes on. 

Trust us, they’re not going to leave you hungry. 

If you’ve got a big group we would recommend that you order at least one of everything, place it in the middle of the table, grab some share plates, and dine away. 

There’s something oddly rare and satisfying about sharing meals with friends. SYG are excellent proponents of this simple pleasure. 

As the conversation flows and cocktails disappear, try to take a second to admire the excellence in every little detail. Take in the room. Feel the joy that the venue creates. Appreciate it and then lose yourself in it. 


Bookings are essential & they do regularly book out.

Images: @SumYungGuys


Sum Yung Guys

Shop 8, 46 Duke Street
Sunshine Beach
07 5324 1391