Fins, Tins & Tidy Trims

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Thomas Surfboards


I’ve never met the man in person, but from what I see from afar, Thomas Bexon (Doc) of Thomas Surfboards seems as genuine as they come. A family bloke who loves making surfboards, getting waves, and making surfboards, and getting waves. 

Couple that seemingly relentless passion with boards that are loved around the world, and you can understand why his spot is blowing up. 

The locals know alllllll about it! The new Thomas Surfboards setup is something a board shapers dreams are made of. 

Boards, threads, bikes, coffee, art and haircuts. It’s got it all. 

Having flourished from its small home on Noosa-Eumundi Rd, the Thomas Surfboards x Captain Sip Sops home has long been a staple of the local community.

Many stories shared and shit talked under the scissors , over coffee or while looking down the lines of a freshly cut shape. 

The ‘About’ section of the Thomas Surfboards website gives a perfect description. 

“I make surfboards, I reckon I make pretty rad ones, just not too many white 6’1” thrusters.

Most of the testing is done on some pretty tasty point waves and few beaches, been doing it a little while now and really enjoy it.

I make ‘em at a factory that has a lot of history in Australian surfing, bit of a bonus for me really.

I’ve learnt a lot off some really great people from spending many hours in the shaping bay and in the water.

Surfing’s fun and doing it on all types of boards makes you smile and keeps it interesting.”

Thomas Bexon


Thomas Surfboards

4 Project Ave, Noosaville

Open 7am-5pm
Closed Sundays

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Watching this evolution over the past three years, it seems to be exactly what so many of us chase. The opportunity to do what we love, every day. 

I’d speculate that Doc doesn’t consider himself a fella with a job in the traditional sense. 

And as if coffee, boards, clothes, bikes, art and haircuts wasn’t enough, he’s gone and collaborated with Land & Sea to create a Thomas Surfboards Beer. 

Launching on the 21st July at the Thomas HQ, which is just around the corner from Land & Sea, the new drop is bound to be as epic as everything else. 

If you’re heading to Land & Sea during your stay, you’d be wise to stop into Thomas and say g’day. 

Grab a coffee or a tin, tidy up the hair, stock up on seaside essentials, watch the team shape some boards, and take in the good vibes. 

“Respect your mum.”

Cover image: @KiethHamlyn
Internal images: @CaptainSipSops