The New Brew on the Block


Land & Sea Brewery

There’s something happening in Noosa. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but for now let’s call it a ‘welcome cool change’. Businessmen, creatives, craftsman and a strengthening of the local community are driving forces behind this change; and Land & Sea Brewery seem to be at the forefront. 

Having  opened their doors in January, Land & Sea have cemented their position as our local brew.

An exciting new brand that compliments that shifting of the tide towards up and coming local businesses, good vibes and community. 

One look at their facility and you’ll get what we mean. 

Cruising down Venture Drive used to mean you were probably on your way to get your car serviced or maybe sneaking through the back way to Bunnings. But now, that same drive is filled with anticipation and excitement around what is guaranteed to be a good morning, afternoon or night. 


Round the corner from either direction and the water tank combined with the commanding signage shouting “BREWERY”, perched on the huge concrete structure, will set your mind racing. 

Trust us, your day just got better!

As you walk through the gates towards the wide open front door you’ll be greeted immediately by a squad of busy, energetic staff behind the bar. 

We’re not sure which will demand your attention first - a happy staff member, the industrial, yet comfortable and spacious interior design, the general good vibes on offer, or the towering stainless steel fermenters and NASA like brewing set up that lines the back wall. 

That’s where all the magic happens. 



Land & Sea Brewery
19 Venture Drive, Noosaville

Open 7am-11pm
7 Days

And good luck trying to hold back your excitement as you study the menu of nine different beers on tap. Your best bet is to claim a table, then head to the bar and fill out your order form for your first tasting board. 

Choose a bite to eat from the carefully curated and beer-matched food menu, featuring the long underrated ‘Dangled-Dog’ and other perfect beer drinking snacks. 

An afternoon spent sitting around a table with your friends and family at Land & Sea will be hard to forget. It’s businesses like this that are injecting a new sense of energy into our seaside paradise. 

Locals - get up there and enjoy our newest treasure.

Visitors - join the party!

“Cheers, to no bad days”

Images: @landandseabrewery