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Abby Rose Bikinis

“Less, but better. That should be the objective for the future.” - Dieter Rams. 

The idea of fast fashion and mass production is quickly being exposed as an extremely inefficient and irresponsible way of consuming. 

Our human tendency to always want the next new thing has created an industry that neglects our environment and takes advantage of people with less opportunity to survive. 

There’s a growing wave of designers, artisans and creators that are combating this trend by implementing the “less, but better concept.”

Hand creating a bikini is a much more responsible and resource friendly approach to production.

When it’s handmade there’s an additional amount of love that goes into each piece. That love can allow the items to fit better. When it fits better you’ll feel better. When you feel better it gets worn more because you love it. And when you love something you take better care of it, meaning it can last longer. 

Abby Rose’s story started with a focus on comfort, fit and feeling, and has since grown into one that also focuses on sustainability, quality and care. 

A longtime fan of sewing and creating, six years ago Abby began making swimwear for herself and a small group of friends. 


The powers of social media and word of mouth soon saw her making items for friends-of-friends, then strangers. 

A stall at the Eumundi Markets was the next logical step and the brand, Abby Rose Bikinis was officially born. 

Fast forward to 2018 and the market stall has transformed into Boutique on Arcadia St in the Noosa Junction precinct. 

Even more impressive than natural growth of the brand is the ethically conscious philosophy that has remained consistent since day one.

Hand-making items to order allows Abby to stay aware of what the market wants and needs. It’s an experience for both the clients and the creator that consistently produces stunning outcomes that are ethical and sustainable. 

On the other hand, creating something for the masses that fits most people poorly and is never really loved, happens as a result of averages. There is little experience of the creative process to be had, and items become disposable much faster. 

Abby has brought back the concept of creating beautiful things for clients, rather than making commodities the for masses. 

The results speak for themselves, as you can see.

Images: @aimeedodgephotography


Abby Rose Bikinis

Shop 7/14 Arcadia Street
Noosa Heads 4567