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Clo Studios

Why do so many people visit Noosa each year? What is it about a sunny coastal town that is synonymous with the feeling of a ‘holiday’?

There’s no doubt that our environment and immediate surroundings play a huge role in how we feel and act each day. 

The feeling we experience when we’re sitting with friends at Bistro C with a cold drink, is very different to how we feel when we’re at our office sitting under fluorescent lights with eyes focused on a screen. 

The feeling in the city is different to the feeling in a small coastal town. 

The feeling of the Standard Double Suite is different to the Penthouse Apartment. 

Which you prefer is totally up to you. 

A lot of the time, we don’t have that much control over the environments we enter. The world and our lifestyles dictate that we have to spend more time in our local supermarket than on Main Beach. 

But when we get home we‘re lucky enough to have full control.

Design is the art form that aims to help people feel and act in a certain way. 

So the art of interior design can play a big role in our overall quality of life. 

Again, how lucky are we to have that privilege?

If we spend more time in environments that make us feel positive, happy, motivated - and all those other good feelings - then our life can’t help but to be better. 

The art of designing an interior space that makes its inhabitants feel a certain way is no easy feat. 

Chloe Tozer and her talented team at CLO Studios have quickly become an authority of interior design and style on the coast - hunting down pieces from all over the globe and curating them to create beautiful spaces that make life better. 


Curating homewares and fine art, designing jewellery, and designing interiors keeps the team extremely busy.

As you walk in you’ll get a very clear sense of what this brand is all about. Beautiful high-end  furniture surrounded by detailed and intricate pieces will immediately inspire you to rethink the space you go home to every day. 

The CLO Showroom, located on Lanyana Way in the Junction, is where these pieces come together. 

Home to the occasional Laneway Party, the Studios space is one of fun, style, beauty, and happiness. 

And it’s continually adding good things. In early December 2018, CLO is teamed up with Vanilla Foods and Clandestino Coffee to open a new concept cafe right next door to the Studio. 

It’s worth experiencing the feeling you get when you enter.

Images: @aimeedodgephotography


Clo Studios

Shop 3, 10 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads 4567