The DJ Cool Herc of The Junction


The Village Bicycle

Who started hip hop? Dre? Biggie? Grandmaster Flash?

Actually, inspired by DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa created a street organisation called Universal Zulu Nation, and hip hop was born. 

This planted the seed that has now grown into a worldwide culture of expression, art, fun, and purpose. 

But we’re not here to talk hip hop. Although its importance in history is a good analogy.

Industry heads would refer to DJ Kool Herc as an “O.G.” or “Original Gangster” for those not schooled in the lingo. 

In the same sense, The Village Bicycle, or “The Bike”, can be credited with igniting the recent explosion of cool in the Junction. 

Originally, The Bike was the first spot you would walk past as you made your way over the hill from Hastings St. It was probably jammed packed from front to back. It was probably hard to get past the crew sitting at the bar to order your drink. And the team behind the bar were probably working the taps and mixing up some dangerously delicious cocktails - a Perfect Storm some might say.

Alas, times have changed a little. But not much. The location may have changed but you’ll still find it packed from afternoon to evening to early morning with bellowing patrons all with a smile on their dial. The bartenders will still be working the taps and shaking up some crazy cocktails. 

Burgers, tacos, tater-tots, pretzels, and hotdogs will still be racing out of the kitchen. 

And the owners, Trevor and Luke,  will still be in the house. 

These two created an institution for locals and visitors in their previous location. When it came time to move, they threw a closing down party, called last drinks, and walked everyone around to the new digs where the party quickly turned into an opening celebration. 

To me, that’s what The Bike is all about. The guys work hard to create good times for their patrons. They know that’s what it’s all about.

Food. Booze. And good times.

Big ups to The Bike - The O.Gs of The Junction.


The Village Bicycle

6/16 Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Heads 4567